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1. Under Grads
1.1. Welcome to the Career Services Center!
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 The Career CenterComponents
• Career Clinic – to provide career/employmentcounseling
• Resources Center – to avail both offline and online information about organizations, available internship/voluntaryandjobs,jobsearchguidelines,CVandcoverletterwritingskills,interviewskills and salary negotiationskills.
• Career week- to be organized once a year on the fall semester to familiarize students with career centerbyorganizingvariouscareerinformation,workshopsandexhibitors
• Instructor’sseminars-familiarizingteacherstothecareercentersothattheycantransmitthecareer centersobjective.
• Seminar and Workshops – the center organizes relevant career seminar and workshop through the year.
• Career Expo – to be organized once a year on spring with seminars, workshops and internship/job fairs
• Internship/Voluntary and Job Placement – actively assist students and potential employers to find internship and jobopportunities.
• Field Visit – Organize student tour to selectedorganizations.
• VirtualCareercenters-availcareerandemploymentinformationonwebsite,blogsandsocialmedia.
• Quarterly Career newsletter- The career center shall publish quarterly career newsletter. The newsletter will be available both in hardcopies and online and it will be distributed to students and staffs
• ProduceReport–producereportthatcanbeusedasinformationfordecisionmakingpolicies.
 Purpose of Career Center
 To provide career counseling services: a process that helps students to know and understand themselvesbetterandtheworldofworkinordertomakecareer,educationalandlifedecisions.
 The career center will help students and graduates prepare to enter the professional workforce and will teach them to be leaders by providing them both personal development and Career Development trainings andworkshops
 To provide students with free resources and prepare students for experiential learning (Internships and Jobs)
 To assist students to develop their career plans, soft skills and job search skills from writing resumes/CVs to improving interview techniques withrecruiters.
 The career center will be a contact point where employers can find about prospective graduates in terms of list of candidates, verification and backgroundcheck.
 It will serve us a networking and informationsharing
 In the big picture, it will help to produce students with high employability skills which directly contribute to the youth unemployment problem in Ethiopia.
1.1.1. I want to explore my interest/area/ career/field
Law, Government, Public Policy, and International Affairs & Area Studies
Arts & Humanities
Social Sciences
Education & School Counseling and Psychology & Mental Health
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
Med & Health Professions
Business Professions
1.1.2 I want to gain experience
Internship Information
Student Employment including Work-Study Program
Experience Abroad
1.1.3. I want to prepare for the Job search
Job Search Basics
Cover Letters
Prep Your Pitch
Informational Interviewing
Interview Prep
1.1.4 I’m ready to find job
Identifying Job Opportunities
Navigating Job Search Platforms
Diversity and Equity Resources
1.1.5 I want apply to graduate school
Explore graduate and professional school
Application process
1.1.6 Career Assessment
The Career Center offers a variety of career assessments to meet your career planning needs. You may ask, “Is there a ‘test’ I can take to help me figure out what career is best for me?” While no tool can pick a career for you, career assessments can affirm your interests, personality and work style, values and skills as they relate to possible career choices. Stop by or schedule an appointment to talk with a career advisor to determine the career assessment best suited for you.
UoG-career center database is a database of fulltime jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities and all on-campus jobs, including work-study. It is the access point to the Career Services Center’s online professional and career development tools and resources available exclusively to current UoG students. UoG-career center database, students can register for events, submit CVs to employers, find out what companies will be represented at quarterly job and internship fairs, schools attending our popular graduate school fair, and much more.
1.2. My Career Tools
Different tools are hyperlinked. You will find references to these tools throughout the Career Service Center website.
Career Assessment and Exploration Tools
Job/Internship Application Prep Tools
Job/Internship Search Tools
Interview Prep Tools
Networking Tools
Engaged Learning Tools
1.3 Welcome to the Student Employment Office!
Our mission is to build an informed student employment community, to maximize students on-campus work experience, and to help students reach their career goals.
12 Career Readiness Competencies
• Critical thinking/problem solving: Identifies important problems and questions and gathers, analyzes, evaluates information from a variety of sources before forming a strategy, decision, or opinion.
• Research ability: Accesses and evaluates multiple sources of information, including text and images, and synthesizes information to solve problems and create new insights.
• Oral, written, & digital communication: Conveys meaning and responds to needs of diverse audiences through writing and speaking coherently and effectively, and develops the expression of ideas throughwritten, oral and digital mediums.
• Teamwork/cross-cultural collaboration: Works withand seeks involvement from people and entities with diverse experiences towards a common goal, demonstrating strong interpersonal skills, respect, and dignity for others.
• Understanding global context: Demonstratesan understanding of complex global issues and systems, and how issues and actions have local and global implications for the future.
• Leadership: Takes initiative, demonstrates effective decision making and informed risk taking, and motivates and encourages participation from others to work towards a shared purpose and vision.
• Professionalism/integrity: Demonstrates integrity, honesty, dependability and ethical responsibility, and accepts direction and personal accountability.
• Self-reflection: Assesses, articulates, and acknowledges personal skills and abilities, and learns from past experiences and feedback to gain new insights and understandings.
• Career development: Accesses information and opportunities for career exploration, and understands and articulates the importance of transferable skills in the job search process.
• Digital information fluency: Demonstrates technological literacy and skills, and ethically and effectively uses technology to communicate, problem-solve, and complete tasks.
• Civic engagement/social responsibility: Participates in service/ volunteer activities characterized by reciprocity, engages in critical reflection, and appropriately challenges unfair and unjust behavior to make a positive difference in the community.
• Innovation/entrepreneurial thinking: Synthesizes existing ideas and concepts in innovative and creative ways to develop new ways of thinking or working, and engages in divergent thinking and risk taking.
2. Employers and Recruiters
UoG-career center database is the centralized online job listing portal accessed active UoG students users. Posting jobs exclusively at UoG is free. Post full and part time jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities to the UoG student community. Through UoG-career center, employers and recruiters also have access to registration and information on job fairs, graduate school recruiting events, on-campus interviewing, and more.
 Ethio
 Ezega
 Qefira Jobs
 Jumia Jobs
 Employ Ethiopia
 M jobs
 nile jobs
3. Faculty & Staff
The Career Services Center takes pride in serving and collaborating with UoG faculty and staff to provide effective career planning, job search and professional/graduate school preparatory assistance to our students. As a UOG faculty or staff member, chances are that students approach you with questions about choosing careers, connecting their majors to careers, finding jobs or internships (on or off campus), applying to graduate school or finding a full time position after graduation. Utilize the resources below to assist you in hiring students and to make effective referrals to our programs and services.
Career Center Staff
The Universities has the following personnel for the career center
1. Career Center Administrator
Mr. Daniel Worku
2. Career Counselors
Mr. ______
3. Part time Office Assistant
Mr. _______
4. Web Technology and Social Media Expert
Mr. ________
5. Student Volunteers (Ushers)
6. Mr. _____
Mr. _______
7. Industry Engagement (UIL coordinators of UoG at college level)
• Dr/Mr
• Dr/Mr
About the Career Center
The UOG Career Center helps our students determine and fulfill their career goals. The Center delivers a wide range of services across two programmatic units:
The Career Service Center (CSC)empowers students to develop and utilize their self-awareness, professional development skills, and proven resources to identify and pursue career employment and professional school admission.
The University Industry Linkage (UIL) connects students with bona fide career opportunities, as well as experiential positions, including internships, part-time on- and off-campus jobs, work-study positions, and Peace Corps service.
The staff members of the Career Services Center are guided by five core values:
1. We have a variety of valued clients – employers: industries, staff and students are our highest priority.
2. We strive to ensure an equitable level of service for all students.
3. We pursue staff training, strategic partnerships, innovative technology, and regular assessment to ensure that our services achieve optimal outcomes.
4. We are courteous, compassionate, and to the greatest degree possible, give our clients personalized attention.
5. We support each other and share our creativity, expertise, and talents with all members of our staff.
Career & Internship Advising
• Meet individually with an advisor for help exploring career options, seeking internships, and planning an effective job search. To make an appointment please log in uog web.
Online Career Development Tools
• Access a myriad of powerful online tools through Port Triton. You will find references to these tools throughout the Career Center website.
Information Sessions
Attend panel presentations to meet and make contact with professionals in your chosen career field. Learn more about what career options are available. Hear professionals discuss their career paths, education, typical daily tasks, skills and qualifications.
Resources & Libraries
UoG Career Center features a specialized library filled with career, internship, and professional school resources. Knowledgeable staff are available to assist you and computers are available for research, job search and resume preparation.
Resume & Application Essay Writing
Use our resources to help you identify your skills and strengths, and learn how to present them effectively. Career advisors are available to critique your resume or application essay.
Job and Internship Listings
Access Uog website, UoG centralized online job listing database of off-campus jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities and on-campus jobs (including work-study).
Job Fairs
The Career Expo will be held once a year preferably before graduation. The Career Expo that will run for a week will have different seminars and workshop to prepare students for finding jobs and internships opportunities. At the conclusion of the Career Expo, there will a two-day job fair. The job fair is a unique environment in which both students and recruiting organizations have the chance to meet face to face and interact on career opportunities.
Interview Preparation
Find out how to begin strong in an interview, how to communicate your skills effectively, and how to follow-up after the interview.
Professional School Advising
Want to go to graduate school? You can review web and library resources, attend workshops, learn about letters of recommendation, get your essays critiqued and get one-on-one advice and information on preparing for and applying to professional schools.
On Campus Interviews
During the course of the academic year, over 90 employers will conduct over 1,700 on-campus interviews with candidates who meet their eligibility requirements. The interview calendar is accessible through Port Triton.
Check our online calendar of events and job search workshops designed for you. UC San Diego Career Center offers a series of seminars designed to assist with all stages of the career development process.
3.2. Contact Information
Contact Information & Office Hours
UoG Career Center is located: At Tewdros Campus
Main office: UoG, president office, office number: 37
Branches are available for professional counseling at each collegeof UoG