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Maraki Library

With a long and distinguished history our Library Services continue to sustain and nurture intellectual life within our university community.

Established in 1953 to serve students of the then Public Health and Training Center, the Service has since steadily developed and evolved to meet the ever diversifying intellectual needs of the University.

Our dynamic Library Services now support the University of Gondar in its goal to achieve excellence in teaching, research and community services by providing access to up to date and reliable knowledge, information sources and services that fit the needs of its diverse user community.

Through building its services continuously, extending its range of information resources and introducing customized and innovative services, the Library further strives to anticipate and meet the imperatives of the University’s mission and corporate objectives.


The Library Service currently consists of five branches:

  • The College of Medical and Health Sciences Library
  • The Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty and School of Law Library
  • The Natural and Computational, Veterinary and Agriculture Faculties Library
  • The Business and Economic Faculty Library
  • The School of Technology Library


In order to ensure maximum levels of accessibility the University’s Library Services are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

The current services and facilities contained in each branch include:

  • Electronic Journals Service
  • Automated Circulation Service
  • OPAC Service
  • Spot Reading Service

Development Activities

Today’s library must exist both as a physical and virtual entity,  enabling researchers, teachers, and students to research anywhere, any time. It is also imperative to ensure that services offered are easy to use, can support increased self-sufficiency and encourage independent research on the part of users. The Library is working strongly towards this and hopes to makes these a key feature of the University of Gondar’s Library Services in the near future.