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Undergraduate Programs

New student registration has not yet been announced. Please keep checking the website for updates.

Postgraduate Programs

Intake for postgraduate programs at the University of Gondar has now commenced for the 2006 (E.C.) academic calendar. Please refer to the intake capacity information contained below in relation to your program of interest.

If you would like to learn more about applying for a postgraduate program please contact:

Dr Belay Tessema
Job Title:
Director, Postgraduate Programs Coordination Office
Tel (office):
+251 588119005

Intake Capacity for 2006 (E.C.)

Faculty of Natural and Computational Sciences
Program Name
Ecological Zology 
Botanical Science
Plant/Industrial Biotechnology
Medical Biotechnology
Organic Chemistry 
Computer Science
Algebra Mathematics
Diffrential Mathematics
Information Science IT      


Faculty of Social Science and Humanities
Program Name
Urban & Region Development Planning
Natural Resource and Environmental Management 
Development Anthropology
Public Policy and Sustainable Development
Social Psychology      
Clinical Psychology


School of Law
Program Name
Environmental and Water Laws
Human Rights      


Faculty of Business and Economics
Program Name
Development Economics  
Environmental &Natural resource economics    
Marketing Management      
Accounting and Finance     
Business Administration      
Tourism and heritage management


Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Program Name
Tropical Vet Pathology
Veterinary Surgery and Imaging
Anmal breeding and genetics
Veterinary Preventive Medicine
Veterinary Public Health


College of Medicine and Health Science
Program Name
Medical Nursing
Surgical Nursing
Medical  Microbiology
Clinical Chemistry
Medical Parasitology
Medical Immunology
Tropical & Infectios Disease
Applied Human Nutrition
Human Anatomy
Emergency Surgical Health Officer
clinical Tropical Infectious Disease & HIV Medicine
MPH in Health Informatics
MPH Environmental health
MPH in occupational health & Safety Management
MSc environmental Health
MPH in Veterinary Public Health
MPH General
MPH in Epidemology & Biostatistics
MPH in Reproductive Health
Secialty in General Surgery
Specialty in Ophthalmolgy
Specialty in Pediatrics &  Child Health
Specialty in Obstetrics & Gynecolgy
Speciality in Internal Medicine
Specialty in Radiology
MSc in Clinical Optometry
Integrated Clinical & Community Mental Health