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Established in 2002 in partnership with Save the Children Norway, the Voluntary Counselling and Testing Project has been providing decade long services to vulnerable women and children in Gondar.

Our Objective

We aim to realise the rights of 120,000 children, youth and women to accurate information on HIV/AIDS and basic services such as VCT, PMTCT, Pediatric ART and provide support to orphans and vulnerable children.

Our Work

The Project carries out training, offers a VCT service for HIV/AIDS, provides material and technical support for children, carries out research and shares learning and experiences with stakeholders.

Our Achievements

Since our establishment we have:

  • counselled and tested for HIV/AIDS 34,110 clients and those tested positive have been referred onto ART clinic
  • improved VCT activities in North Gondar through strengthening and arranging experience sharing and training sessions
  • provided annual support around cleaning materials and cloth for 95 poor HIV positive children receiving antiretroviral and pre treatment
  • provided training on home based care for PLWHA to be assigned and work in each of the kebeles around Gondar town
  • provided life skills and adherence training for children on ART, thereby reducing dropout and improving adherence
  • provided annual training for care takers of HIV positive children
  • carried out educational sessions across 15 elementary schools who have in turn begun to independently organised anti AIDS clubs
  • conducted over 5 research projects
  • provided positive living training to HIV positive people increasing their knowledge and health status
  • organised support groups for HIV positive children

“Achieving our aims through a closer association with society”