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Established in 2004 the Tertiary Eye Care Center has been contributing to the reduction in adult and childhood blindness in Gondar.

Our Goals

The Center seeks to contribute to a reduction in the prevalence of adult and childhood blindness and visual impairment in North West Ethiopia through the establishment of fully equipped and staffed eye health tertiary facilities at Gondar Referral Hospital and the development of a referral network in the catchment area of 14 million people.

We also strive to achieve the following outcomes:

  • To establish one functional child Eye Health Tertiary Facility (EHTF) at Gondar University Referral Hospital
  • To strengthen the referral and follow up network to find refer and follow up adults and children with eye conditions
  • To generate 15% of the final year project costs from paying patients
  • To increase by 50% from the baseline, the knowledge about adult and childhood eye conditions in two zones adjacent to Gondar
  • To strengthen institutional capacity for the eye health tertiary facilities

Our Work

Established by Orbis International and Light for the World in collaboration with the Department of Opthalmology and Optometry, the Center provides eye care services to the North West part of Ethiopia. Our Center has a catchment area of 8 zones covering:

  • North Gondar
  • South Gondar
  • Bahir Dar
  • West Gojam
  • Agew
  • Awi
  • Mtekel
  • Western Tigray

and serves a population of approximately 14 million people.

The existing projects provide medical and surgical treatment for most eye problems at the base hospital and outreach sites. We also provide training for cataract surgeons, ophthalmic officers, optometry students, health officers and medical students.

Our Impact

Since establishment we have been able to:

  • screen/examine 11674 patients, performing eye surgery on 1415 patients and offering medical treatments to 7099 patients
  • train a pediatric eye care team
  • resource the eye health tertiary facilities and its referral sites with equipment, instruments and consumables
  • promote public awareness about childhood eye conditions
  • strengthen the institutional capacity of the Center
  • improve the quality of eye care services
  • train staff

“Achieving our aims through a closer association with society”