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Our Background

The University of Gondar adopted the philosophy of community based and team approach training in the 1950s to provide basic health services especially to the rural community, heralding the beginning of the team approach and community based teaching of health professionals.

During the 1950s all 2nd year clinical nurses, sanitarians and 3rd year health officers would go out into the community and provide health promotion as well as preventative, curative and rehabilitative services. Based on this early work we have developed and refined the approach and created a Team Training Program (TTP)within the current College of Medicine and Health Science.

TTP is a community based learning activity that follows a problem solving approach and covers tasks such as site selection, mapping, developing investigation tools gathering data, processing and analyzing information, listing and prioritizing problems, drawing a plan of action, carrying out interventions and conducting follow-up and evaluation work involving all stakeholders. As such it provides a practical and significant development in the field of health professional training for developing countries.

Our Activities

Through the Program we carry out a range of activities and provide a range of services including:

  • community diagnosis
  • polyclinic activites
  • MCH/FP
  • PHC evaluation and review
  • health institution supervision
  • environmental health services
  • carrying out min-projects
  • seminars
  • health education
  • school health service
  • prison health service
  • home visits
  • outreach
  • documentation and reporting
  • research projects

The Program is carried out in sites including Debark, Dabat, Kolladiba, AddisZemen, Woreta, Chilga, TikleDingay and Gondar Town. 5th year Medicine students and final year health sciences students take part 6 week field attachments.

We estimate that over a 2 year period the Team Training Program  (TTP) has provided a huge range of community services through the provision of 103 mini-project activities to the value of 668,229 Birr reaching 284,273 people

Our Objective

We seek to utilize the Team Training Program to enable our students to:

  • develop positive attitudes towards rural practices
  • appreciate community health activities and challenges
  • establish community links with other sectors and promote inter-sectoral collaboration
  • appreciate the interdisciplinary nature of health care provision
  • gain experience in real life conditions
  • develop team work skills
  • develop communication skills with a range of stakeholder and develop mechanisms which facilitate their involvement in all health activities
  • develop their research skills

Contact Us

To find out more about our work or support us in any way please contact:

Director of Institute of Public Health:
Dr Berihun Megabiaw
Tel (office):
“Achieving our aims through a closer association with society”