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Established in 1994 by THET and the then Gondar College of Medicine and Science, the project is approaching two decades of service in the Gondar region.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Project strives to reduce morbidities and mortalities related to chronic non communicable diseases.  We also seek to ensure the expansion of health services for non communicable chronic health diseases throughout Ethiopia.

Our Work

Initially established in 1994 as the Gondar Diabetic Project in order to address issues related to diabetes mellitus, our project grew to incorporate other chronic illnesses. It was formally changed into the Chronic Illness Project in 1996 and has since then worked to address the issues that arise out of the inaccessibility of treatment and follow up services in local health centers; lack of well trained health professionals; and the socio-economic problems that are associated with chronic diseases. Our work has mainly focused on diabetes mellitus, epilepsy and cardiovascular disorders.

Our Project carries out its activities within Gondar University Hospital and 9 district health centers based in:

  • Dabat
  • A/Giorgis
  • T/Dingay
  • Chilliga
  • Kolladiba
  • Chuahit
  • Tseda
  • Maksegnt
  • Enfraz

We provide treatment and patient follow up and community outreach services as well as carrying out patient education and advocacy  training and research work.

Our Achievements

Our long history we have been able to provide a range of services to our target community. Highlights and recents achievements include:

  • Providing training for over 300 nurses and health officers
  • The establishment of chronic diseases treatment and follow up service centers established within 9 rural health centers and the main referral hospital in Gondar
  • Treatment and care provided to thousands of patients close to their own homes – thereby alleviating associated socio-economic issues
  • Improved community awareness, attitude and confidence towards the service
  • Alleviating the burden on teh over stretched services of Gondar University Hospital
  • The establishment of North Gondar Diabetic Association
  • The securing of a retinal camera from EDA and the establishment of retinopathy and maculopathy screening clinic where 915 have been able to receive examination and possible treatment and follow up services
  • A 4 year insulin and blood glucose measuring machine support from all children 19 obtained from CDiC through EDA
  • The completion of total of 11 community and institution based researches (5 on diabetes, 5 on epilepsy and 1 on physiotherapy) with a further 5 ongoing studies due to be completed in the near future.

 Our Partners

THET, a UK based organisation working to improve health services in developing countries has been our partner in this project since its establishment in 1994.

“Achieving our aims through a closer association with society”