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The University of Gondar is currently funding the following community service projects  under its community services agenda.


School of Technology
 Office auto machine purchasing, proper usage, preventive maintenance and troubleshooting and maintenance Capacity building Fasil Mekuria
 Faculty of Business and Economics
 Short term training on Ethiopian taxation and accounting in the selected woredas of North Gondar zone  Capacity building  Samuel Alemnew
 Customer service training  Capacity building  Addisu adem
 Training workshop on the 4P’s of Marketing  to Awra Amba Society  Capacity building  Baymot Tadese
 Establishing a university travel agency and tourism information office  Capacity building and Direct service  Mulugeta Asteray
 Capacity building for sustainable administration in Gondar City on strategic planning and strategic management  Capacity building  Tsega Hagos
 Performance Management and BSC in the case of N.G Admin.  Capacity building  Mulu Adere
 Building the capacity of internal auditors in North Gondar Zone  Capacity building  Dr. Gardachew Worku
Breaking glass ceiling: women empowerment and gender mainstreaming: towards equal participation and  representation of women into leadership and decision making positions Capacity building Adem Ibrahim
Building the capacity of public service organizations in Gondar city administration to realize Growth and Transformation Plan/GTP/ of Ethiopia Capacity building Tariku Jebena
Strengthening institutional and staff capacity of North Gondar zone major tourist destination through developing sustainable destination marketing strategy, skills upgrading training and consultancy services Capacity building Mulugeta Astery
Training women public service employees on managerial and leadership skills development Capacity building Asmamaw Arget
Faculty of Natural and Computational Sciences
Design and Implementation of an Information Platform for Gondar’s Tourism using Quick Response code Technology in Multilingual approach Direct service provider Hailay Kidu
Training to Reducing the Impact of Human wild life conflict in the Semien  National Park Capacity building Dr Nega Berhane
Establishing physics virtual laboratory for preparatory and high schools in N.Gondar Capacity building Yahiya Ali
School of Education
Speech software training for secondary and preparatory students with visual impairment  Capacity building/Training  Mr. Yitayal Alemu
 Integrated managerial skill training project for elementary school principals in North and South Gondar Administrative Zone  Capacity building/Training  Mr. Markos Tezera
 School of Law
 Developing packages for effective enforcement of Medical Law in North Gondar Training, capacity building  Mr. Yohanis Yitayih
Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
Crime mapping : A capacity building project by University of Gondar for Amhara region Police Officers Capacity building/Training Mr. Eyaya Belay
Human trafficking prevention and control, the Metema- to- the Sudan Route Direct service, training, liaison, Mr. Mikiyas Amare
Integrating human rights and tolerance into the ideological praxis of communities: Awra Amba and the surrounding in focus Direct service, capacity buildng Mr. Eyaya Belay
Identifying the significant cites of Quara and Deresgie that have basical acquaintance with emperor Tewodros and promoting them for tourism Direct service Mr. Bantalem Tadesse
Addressing the needs of Adolescent and youth through Psychological counseling in Gondar town Direct service Dr. Yemataw Wondie
HIV/AIDS  certificate level training curricula for Para social workers specializing in the care and support of people HIV/AIDS infected and affected people Capacity building Mr. Solomon Abraha
On-the-job English language skills development training Capacity building Mr. Ashenafi Alemu
Psychological care training for health workers and paraprofessional social workers who provide care for people infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS in Gondar towns Capacity building/Training Mr. Semalign Kendie
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Technology transfer training on brooding chicken using pot charcoal and cotton plate Training  and technology  transfer Mulugeta Ayalew
Short term training and workshop on the current status and prospects of veterinary drugs utilization Training Dr. Achenafi Melaku
Control and prevention of zoonosis Training Dr. Tadesse Guadu
Prevention and control of rabies in Gondar and environs Training and direct service Dr. Sefinew Alemu
Training on basic laboratory techniques in veterinary parasitology for field animal health workers of North Gondar Administrative zone Training Dr. Basazinew Bogale
College of Medical and Health Sciences
 Equipping UoG staff’s for possible technology transfer via utilization of international patent  Advocacy  Haimanot G/Hiwot
 Health and Safety at Awra Amba  Capacity building  Manaye Kifle
 Training on Fluorescence Microscopy for better diagnosis of TB at UoG hospital  Capacity building  Dr Beyene Moges
 Capacity building training of traditional medicine practitioners as primary healthcare workers  in Gondar town North West Ethiopia  Capacity building  Abiyot Endale
 Integrated and Comprehensive training on Health, Managerial,& legal aspects of occupational health  Capacity building  Mnaye Kifle
Faculty of Agriculture
Trainings on urban vegetable production techniques for some low income female households Training Yenus ousman
Small scale mushroom farming  as a means of income generation and food security for rural poor women in North Gondar Training Zenebe G/Medhin
Technology Village Project Direct service, training, Sisay Yehuala

If you would like to find out more please contact:

Mr. Solomon Fentaw
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Community Services Team Liaison Officer
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