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After completing the program of study, LL.B graduates will acquire knowledge and competence which would enable them: work as

  • Judges and prosecutors at various levels of the Federal and State court structures in Ethiopia;
  • Serve as public defenders for persons accused of committing crimes;
  • Practice law individually or along with other legal professionals at any level of the court structures in the country, depending on the class of license issued;
  • Provide services as legal advisors to business organizations, governmental agencies or non- governmental organizations;
  • Render high-quality research service to organizations as consultants or permanent employees;
  • Engage in teaching at Law Schools in higher education institutions across the nation; and work individually or in establishments with a view to enhancing individual and group rights, the rule of law, good governance, and the deepening of constitutionalism and democratic values through research, education, advocacy and awareness-raising enterprises.