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The Research Center for Social Sciences and Humanities (RCSSH) is one of three main specialist research centers at the University of Gondar.

We aim to support and further the research activities of the University in the area of social sciences and humanities by:

  • Improving research capacity of the staff and students;
  • Imparting knowledge and disseminating research findings and related information among the staff and students;
  • Maximizing networking with other research centers and related institutions in Ethiopia and abroad;
  • Collecting reference materials pertinent to Social Sciences and Humanities’ research methods, and related issues.

RCSSH begun operation in September 2012 and our Center remains in the early stages of development. Our initial activities have included:

  • Coordinating public lectures and research seminars;
  • Establishing linkages with related institutions;
  • Organizing seminars with the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities on different issues ;
  • Facilitating research proposal review processes (related to Social Sciences and Humanities); and
  • Collecting reference materials pertinent for Social Science and Humanities research methods which are not available in the university libraries;
  • Planning and development to establish a biannual journal to impart research outputs and disseminate knowledge.

Our work is managed by a Coordinator, Ato Bantalem Tadesse, and supported by a facilitating committee.

Contact Us

If you would like to find out more about our work or contribute to our activities please contact:

Center Coordinator:
Ato Bantalem Tadesse
Office No. 7, 1st Floor, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities Building, Maraki Campus
Tel (office):
“Achieving our aims through knowledge creation”