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Nowadays, more than ever, public Relations is becoming increasingly important for the success of one organization, Structured as one of the major management functions, the public relations and international relations directorate of university of Gondar, in main, is established to build, maintain and manage mutually beneficial relationships between the university and the public that matter. In cognizant, basically, the PIRs Directorate performs setting up two units, public relations and communication unit and international relations unit undertaking two main communication strategies focusing on building and supporting relations with stockholders — both inside and outside the university.

Understanding the importance of internal communication strategies, the PIRs Directorate designed a strategic plan for reaching out the internal community, perfectly. Apparently, considering the various factors on play; for instance, the nature of message to be communicated with the staff (administrative and/or academic); when it should be communicated and how, it tries to select and use best communication tools fitting for the specific purpose. This unit undertakes key responsibilities in supporting the flow of information flawless between and among administrative and academic staff across the five campuses and for all internal and external publics. The directorate mainly strives to create strong communication with various media and also has a one hour radio program weekly in collaboration with Fana FM 98.1 Gondar.

For the university, effective external communication strategy is highly believed to bring a substantive reform to maintain and enhance its competitive position regionally, nationally and internationally, through strengthening its external relationship.

The key aim of this communication strategy is to clearly enhance the lines of communication of the Colleges, Faculties, schools & Departments with other international institutions. Practically, communications strategy will set pout the wider, on-going process of securing and developing the university’s role as a leading and respected center for teaching, research and community service which only be realized through a stronger and well established collaborative effort of abroad universities and organizations sharing the same dream.

Therefore, it is quite explicit, effective communication occurs not only when the receiver clearly decodes the intended message, also the sender should thrive its best in tailoring the message for easier understanding creating mutual understanding and enhance bilateral cooperation both nationally and internationally.

Our Areas of Responsibility regarding international relations includes:

  • Enhancing the University’s capacity in its international relationships
  • Providing a co-coordinator role for the international activities at the University agreements between the University
  • Developing and evaluating collaborative agreements between the university and foreign institutions, research entities.
  • Hosting visiting delegations from foreign institutions
  • Enhancing strategic international relations and agreements in support university goals.

Finally, for the better implementation and success of our accomplishment, we kindly request all stockholders to work together with our directorate. For proper communication we develop staff profile so as to bring a better area for working together to bring about sustainable development.

Demissie Desta Tefera
Director, Public & International Relations Directorate