Active Postgraduate Programs at the University of Gondar
*Regular Programs

Part I: PhD Programs
1. College of Medicine and Health Sciences
• PhD in Public Health
• PhD in Biostatistics
• PhD in Epidemiology
• PhD in Public Health Informatics
• PhD in Nursing
• PhD in Medical Microbiology
• PhD Medical Parasitology
• PhD in Midwifery and Women’s Health
2. College of Social Science and Humanities
• PhD in Sociology
• PhD in Environment and Development
• PhD in Geography and Environment Studies (Specialization in Urban and Regional Planning)
• PhD in Geography and Environment Studies (Specialization in Natural Resource & Environmental Management)
• PhD in Social Anthropology
• PhD in History
• PhD in Teaching Amharic
• PhD in Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL)
• PhD in English Literature
• PhD in Social work
3. College of Business and Economics
• PhD in Management
• PhD in Economics
4. College of Natural and Computational Sciences
• PhD in Botany
• PhD in Applied Microbiology
• PhD in Genetics
• PhD in Entomology
5. College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
• PhD in Agronomy
• PhD in Plant Pathology
• PhD in Forest and Livelihood
6. College of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences
• PhD in Veterinary Epidemiology
• PhD in Veterinary Public Health
7. Institute of Biotechnology
• PhD in Medical Biotechnology
• PhD in Environmental Biotechnology
• PhD in Industrial Biotechnology
• PhD in Agricultural Biotechnology
Part II: Master Programs
1. College of Medicine and Health Sciences

A. Institute of Public Health
• MPH in General Public Health
• MPH in Epidemiology
• MPH in Biostatistics
• MPH in Field Epidemiology
• MSc in Environmental Health
• MPH in Environmental Health
• MPH in Occupational Health and Safety Management
• MPH in Public Health Veterinary
• MPH in Public Health Nutrition
• MSc in Applied Human Nutrition
• MPH in Health Service Management
• MPH in Health Economics
• MPH in Human Resources for Health
• MPH in Hospital and Healthcare Administration
• MPH in Monitoring and Evaluation
• MPH in Reproductive Health
• MPH in Health Informatics
• MPH in Health Promotion and Behavioral Health Sciences
B. School of Medicine
• MSc in Advanced Clinical Anesthesia
• MSc in Clinical Optometry
• MSc in Clinical Tropical Infectious Diseases and HIV Medicine
• MSc in Human Anatomy
• MSc in Integrated Clinical and Community Mental Health
• MSc in Physiotherapy
• MSc in Physiology
• MSc in Biochemistry
C. School of Nursing
• MSC in Medical Nursing
• MSc in Pediatrics and Child Health Nursing
• MSc in Surgical Nursing
• MSc in Emergency and Critical Care Nursing
D. School of Biomedical and Laboratory Sciences
• MSc in Clinical Chemistry
• MSc in Hematology and Immuno hematology
• MSc in Immunology
• MSc in Medical Microbiology
• MSc in Medical Parasitology
• MSc in Tropical and Infectious Diseases
E. School of Pharmacy
• MSc in Clinical Pharmacy
• MSc in Pharmacology
F. School of Midwifery
• MSc in Clinical Midwifery
G. Specialty and Sub-specialties
• Sub-Specialty in Maternal Fetal Medicine
• Sub-Specialty Urogynecology
• Sub-Specialty Certificate in Gynecology Oncology
• Specialty Certificate in Pediatric & Child Health
• Specialty Orthopedic & Trauma
• Specialty Certificate in Internal Medicine
• Specialty Certificate Radiology
• Specialty Certificate Dermatovenereology
• Specialty Certificate in Surgery
• Specialty Certificate in Ophthalmology
• Specialty Certificate in Gynecology and Obstetrics.
2. College of Social Science and Humanities
• MA in Sociology
• MA in Peace & Conflict Studies
• MA in Civics & Ethics
• MA in Applied Linguistics in Teaching Amharic
• MA in Gender & Development Studies
• MA in Social Anthropology
• MA in Historic Archaeology and Art History
• MA in History
• MA in Urban & Regional Development Planning
• MA in Natural Resource & Environmental Management
• MSc in GIS and Remote Sensing
• MA in Public Policy & Sustainable Development
• MA in Environment & Development Studies
• MA in Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL)
• MA in English Literature
• MA in Applied Linguistics and Communication
• MA in Social Work
• MA in Clinical Psychology
• MA in Social Psychology
• MA in Early Childhood Care and Education
• MA in Population and Reproductive Health
• MA in Journalism
3. College of Business and Economics
• Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
• MA in Accounting and Finance
• MA in Developmental Economics
• MA in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
• MA in Marketing management
• MA in Tourism Heritage and Management
• MA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
4. College of Natural and Computational Science
• MSc in Applied Microbiology
• MSc in Botany
• MSc in Ecological zoology
• MSc in Organic Chemistry
• MSc in Analytical Chemistry
• MSc in Inorganic Chemistry
• MSc in Physical Chemistry
• MSc in Environmental Chemistry
• MSc in Medical Physics
• MSc in Nuclear Physics
• MSc in Statistical & Computational Physics
• MSc in Condensed Matter Physics
• MSc in Petrology
• MSc in Paleontology and Pale environment
• MSc in Exploration Geophysics
• MSc in Environmental Geology and Geo hazards
• MSc in Algebra
• MSc in Differential
• MSc in Numerical Analysis
• MSc in Volleyball
• MSc in Biostatistics
• MSc in Applied Statistics
• MSc in Biometry
• MSc in Econometrics
5. College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
• MSc in Soil Science
• MSc in Plant Protection
• MSc in Agronomy
• MSc in Agricultural Economics
• MSc in Horticulture
• MSc in Forest Management and Utilization
• MSc in Agricultural Extension and Communication
• MSc in Agribusiness & Value Chain Management
• MSc in Forest and Nature Conservation
• MSc in Rural Livelihood and Food Security
• MSc in Rural Transformation and Innovation System Management
6. College of Education
• MA in Educational Planning and Management
• MA in Special needs and Inclusive Education
• MA in School Leadership
• MA in Curriculum and Instruction
7. College of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences
• MSc in Veterinary Pathology
• MSc in Veterinary Epidemiology & Economics
• MSc in Animal Genetics and Breeding
• MSc in Veterinary Immunology
• MSc in Veterinary Surgery and Imaging
• MSc in Veterinary Parasitology
• MSc in Veterinary Microbiology
• MSc in Veterinary Clinical Medicine
• MSc in Animal Production
8. Institute of Technology
• MSc. in Geotechnical Engineering
• MSc in Construction Engineering and Management
• MSc. in Hydraulic Engineering
• MSc. in Thermal Engineering
• MSc. in Manufacturing Engineering
• MSc. in Electrical Power Engineering
9. Institute of Biotechnology
• MSc in General Biotechnology
• MSc in Medical Biotechnology
• MSc in Industrial Biotechnology
• MSc in Agricultural Biotechnology
• MSc in Environmental Biotechnology
10. Faculty of Informatics
• MSc in Information Technology
• MSc in Computer Science
• MSc in Information System
• MSc in Data Science and Analytics
11. School of Law
• LLM in Human Rights Law
• LLM in Environmental & Water Law
• LLM in criminal Justice

For more information contact the PG-coordinators using the following email

Name College/Faculty/School      Email
Dr. Bisrat Misganaw Officer, Postgraduate Directorate
Dr. Yenus  Ousman College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences
Dr. Tebaber Chanie College of Social Science  &Humanities
Dr. Mulugeta Negash College of Business  &Economics
Menbere Enyew  Faculty of Education
Dr. Tadesse Awoke  College of Medical &Health Science
Mr. Shiferaw Tegegn  Faculty of Informatics
Prof. Berhanu Andualem  Institute of Biotechnology
Mr. Tamrat   Mekuria  College of Natural & Computational Sciences
Dr. Sefinew Alemu College of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences
Dr. Yebeltal Zerie  Institute of Technology
Mr. Yohannes Yitayeh    School of Law