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Course Title:
Bachelor of Science (BSc)
Duration of Study:
4 years
Entry Requirements:
Applicants seeking admission to the BSc program must meet the admission requirements set by the academic commission of University of Gondar. As per new formation, students from natural science in grade 12 and passing marks who are sent by Ministry of Education. Health: a disability that would subsequently prevent a student from safely and competently practising as a physiotherapist must be taken into account
Course Description:
Physiotherapy ‘uses physical approaches to maintain and restore physical, psychological and social well- being’ (British Chartered Society of Physiotherapy). It reduces physical impairment wherever possible, but where this is not possible it enables individuals to manage their impairment in such as way that they are able to function as normally as possible. It therefore has an important role to play in reducing disability, thereby reducing the burden caused by injury and disease within Ethiopia. The program is designed to train and educate students who are able to address problems of impairment, activity and participation; manage recovering, stable and deteriorating conditions and play a broad role in health promotion, health education and self-care.
Graduate Profile:
Graduates of the program will be able to:

  • Perform a physiotherapy interview and physical assessment and evaluate patient history, physical examination and additional diagnostic data and develop appropriate care plans (preventive, curative, and palliative) consistent with the multidisciplinary team (MDT) and perform conservative simple trauma management.
  • Use a wide range of modalities (manual techniques, electro-/hydro-physical techniques) and equipment, in providing physiotherapy care to all ages
  • Maintain a clear and accurate record of patients assessment, treatment and progress and be aware of the need for confidentiality
  • Function as a team leader or member in injury and disability management of patients and serve as a resource person for injury and disability management of patients
  • Utilize appropriate principles of basic and behavioral sciences in protecting patients from lifetime physical disabilities
  • Recognize personal and professional attributes, demonstrating ability to interact with others on a professional level and function effectively as a member of the health teams and appreciate the role of other health care professionals
  • Function within a legal and ethical framework, accepting responsibility and accountability for his or her own practice
  • Involve in research and intervention to increase quality of physiotherapy service and be an ambassador of the profession to contribute to the further development of physiotherapy and rehabilitation within the country.
  • Work in the community on advice and prevention of disability (early detection & follow up) and prevention of further disability within development. And Participate in the education of patients and the community of interest
  • Examine psychosocial theoretical frameworks; through understand different society’s cultures and offer guidance services with effective communication skill
  • Collect process and analyze health and health related data from health institutions, communities and disseminate the information to the community and other concerned bodies; utilize the data for implement primary health care activities such as promotion of health services, prevention and control of major communicable and non communicable diseases.
  • Provide physiotherapeutic assessment and management of obstetrics and gynecological conditions
  • Perform physiotherapeutic community diagnosis and provide community based rehabilitation by incorporating physical activity, functional rehabilitation and education programs for children, adults and older people with disabilities
  • Able to use their knowledge of human physiology, kinematics, function and interaction of cellular components in metabolism and disorders related to human body in the care of patients with various problems requiring physiotherapy.
  • Have  necessary skills and knowledge of physiotherapy & perform subjective physiotherapeutic assessment and   apply therapeutic exercise, electrotherapy, cryotherapy and massage therapy for clients
Further Information:
If you have any enquirers about the above program please contact:
Mr Solomon Fasika
Head, Department of Physiotherapy
Mobile: +251 913 7067 70