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Among externally funded ongoing projects:

Ø  Support to contributing to the reduction of childhood blindness supported by Orbis International,

Ø  Inservice training center supported by CDC Ethiopia and Global Fund,

Ø  Ethiopia Malaria Research Capacity Building (EMCAB) project,

Ø  mHealth4Afrika (Maternal Health for Afriaca) Project with Europeans commission support,

Ø  Capacity Building and Mentorship Project with the support of ministry of Health and Regional Health beauro,

Ø  Access to protection, education and health for children with disabilities and other vulnerable children

Ø  Community based rehabilitation strategy with a holistic approach (CBR),

Ø  Non Communicable Diseases Project (NCD),

Ø  Strengthening Care Opportunities through Partnership in Ethiopia (SCOPE) Project

Ø  The Center for International Reproductive Health Training (CIRHT)

Ø  Capacity Building and Mentorship Project, Collaborative Agreement on Research & Training (CART),

Ø  Integrated seed sector Development (ISSD),

Ø  Supported maternal health project/UNFPA, … etc