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Course Title:
Nursing –Advance Extension Program
Bachelor of Science (BSc)
Duration of Study:
3 years (regular) and 4 years (summer)
Entry Requirements:
To be eligible for admission into the advance standing B.Sc. program candidates should hold a Diploma in nursing (Comprehensive, Clinical, Public and Midwifery) from a recognized professional school showing a minimum of two years training; have a minimum service of 2 year; and  be medically fit to practice nursing. Female applicants are encouraged. Candidates should also produce sponsorship papers from their employing agency. If self sponsored, it will be based on the rules and regulations of the registrar.
Course Description:
The main purpose of the extension advance standing BSc. nursing program is to provide educational program through which the graduates will be prepared to assume responsibility in the primary, secondary, and tertiary care of people as professional nurses. It is expected that graduates are capable of teaching and supervising appropriate nursing and health care in different settings and participate in the administration of nursing service, education and research.
Graduate Profile:
Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to –

  • Use critical thinking to collect and analyze relevant data, establishes priorities, make appropriate decision for implementation, raise questions and make assumptions, etc.
  • Communicate effectively with individuals, team, families and communities
  • Use the nursing process as framework for nursing care practice, which promotes maintains and/or restore optimum function of clients of all ages and in a variety of health care settings.
  • Apply ethical principles to nursing care practice in accordance with the professional code of ethics and professional standards of practice.
  • Demonstrate leadership and management ability in all settings
  • Promote change to improve health care delivery system such as participating in interdisciplinary collaboration, influence policy development etc…
  • Conduct need based research and utilize the research findings to improve the quality of care.
  • Demonstrate awareness of own values and beliefs and respect for the rights and beliefs of others and appreciates the importance of cultural influences on life style and health practices.
  • Participate in the development of the curriculum
  • Demonstrate methodological skills education in teaching, learning, and evaluation.
  • Continue learning for personal and professional enrichment.
  • Give more emphasis on documentation, record keeping and reporting.
Further Information:
If you have any enquirers about the above program please contact:
Ato Anteneh Messele [title]
Phone: +251581110004