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Dr Asmamaw Tilahun Debas, Head of Department of Management
Ac. Qualificatio:   PhD in Public Administration, MA in public Management & Policy,                                 MA in Commerce, BA in Management
Message from Department of Management
Dear All,
Welcome to the Department of Management!
It is a pleasure to share news about the department. We have many great activities going on and we are proud of the accomplishments in our college, staff, and students.
We aim to develop managers who contribute to the nation’s growth agenda and command respect in society. The Department of Management offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Regular, Extension and summer. Notably, the University, being emphases on research, has granted the department an approval to conduct a doctoral program in Management Studies. In addition to the students who are presently enrolled in the doctoral program, several additional students are admitted to the department.  They will all join the cadre of PhD graduates. In addition to these, our department will start the new Public Administration and Development Management undergraduate program in September, 2017. It’s an exciting time to be in Management indeed!
Programs in the Department of Management focus on a rational blending of people, systems, and processes as they interact within the organization.  The department offer core courses in the areas of information systems, organizational behavior, strategic management, operations management, human resources management and entrepreneurship.
Our renowned department members impart quality, hands-on education that addresses the current and emerging challenges in the workforce, informed by innovative research.  The department faculty is committed to providing the best learning environment possible and will support your career success by ensuring that both undergraduate and graduate students learn the skills that are highly desired by employers and graduate schools. The distinguished faculty and state-of-the-art facilities will help to prepare you to expertly navigate the complex management and technological issues faced in the globally competitive and diverse business world. 

On behalf of the Department, I invite you to take part in the research, creation, and study experiences we enjoy. The academic and administrative staffs’ doors are always open and we will continue to welcome anyone that would like to join our family.
There is no underdeveloped country rather undeveloped management!!  (P. Drucker)
Sincerely Yours!!