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Mr.Haimanote Belay Alemayehu  (Assistant professor)
Dean, College of business and economics
Message from the Dean
On behalf of all our staffs and students I am pleased to welcome you to college of business and economics and to our website. 
We are located in University Of Gondar at Marakie campus with the latest high tech class and seminar rooms with excellent offices for all staffs.
The College of Business and economics’ mission provides the college and programs with the direction, the basis for continuous improvement, and the provision for admissions decisions and student services needed to serve stakeholders.  Our spotlight is on Business Organizations, Natural Resource, Development, Tourism and Hospitality Management and how they operate in the internal, external, and global environment.  As a College of Business and Economics, we must have an academic flexibility and applied relevance to carry out our mission in a dynamic environment.
Being a business college, our graduates are well rounded, enabling them to have a broad career spectrum. Many of them became leaders of the business society and their profession in development. In short, we are here to make a difference.   We value the close ties with our graduates and business leaders.  We intend to keep working to help our current and future students to advance in their careers and achieve their goals.  We can only do that if we invent and reinvent ourselves as academics living in a dynamic world.
The college established in September 2001 in three programs, Accounting and finance, management and economic but currently we have 7 undergraduate, 9 postgraduate including 2 PhD programs and 1 research center programs with more 6083 students.
We are committed to providing a solid foundation in business and management within a hands-on, experiential learning environment with small classes and opportunities to enclosure or intern with major corporations throughout the region and country, Ethiopian.
Finally, we always invite you to visit our website page and we are also committed to realize your feedback on our mission.