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Mr Ashenafi Tafesse Meskele, CBE Exam Center Coordinator
Exam center section of Business and Economics College. Since 2009/10 the University of Gondar has established exam centers in each campus and later in 2014/15, the exam centers were organized at college level. College of Business and Economics Exam Center is one of those exam centers and is under the supervision of the College of Business and Economics Deans Office and Exam Center Directorate. The activities of the exam centers mainly focus on controlling continuous assessment implementation, and standardizing final exam administration. In addition to this, the center is highly involved in the duplication of syllabus, testes, modules and other related materials.
The center is trying to make students assessment in our college fair, reliable, valid, transparent, consistent, relevant and free from examination misconducts. The departmental exam committees are responsible for making the exams administered in our college standardized and based on the course syllabus. The exam center also tries to bridge the gap in student assessment by creating a discussion forum between student’s representatives and exam committee members. We also give training for first year students about assessment and exam regulation, which help them to become familiar with assessment in higher education. 
Though, it’s only a few years since the commencement of exam center in our college; we have achieved a lot in terms of improving student’s assessment and exam related good governance in our college. We hope we can do a lot in improving assessment more than what we have with the active participation of our students, staffs and other customers.
You are welcome to forward your feedbacks and Have a nice time!!!
Sincerely yours Ashenafi Tafesse Meskele