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The Ethiopian Government has invested in ICT to support teaching-learning, research, community service, technology transfer, and administration at universities [1]. The Government has developed an education sector strategic roadmap to promote access, equity, quality and relevance of higher education centered on better student outcomes [2]. The University of Gondar recognizes ICT as a prime mover and driver in promoting quality education, research, community services, technology transfer and administration. The performance and visibility of the University are determined to a great extent by its ICT applications towards improved quality education and research.

Although the University has aspired and invested a huge amount of money to excel in ICT, its potential to support research, education, community service, and technology transfer has not been exploited may be due to the absence of ICT policy that guides effective and efficient utilization of ICT services and resources at the University. Consequently, the University has taken the initiative of developing and regularly reviewing an ICT policy document that will guide the design, development, implementation, and effective use of ICT resources and services. This is geared towards increasing effectiveness and efficiency in all the University’s functions.

This ICT policy document is a guide on how ICT shall be used to achieve the goals and aspirations of the University. It highlights how the usage of ICT shall be developed, implemented, and maintained, and the optimal distribution of resources (hardware, software, data, and human resources). This policy document enumerates the rules necessary to ensure the existence of the highest levels of consistency, control, and harmonious interaction with ICT technologies. The development of this policy document takes into consideration alignment to other existing university functional policies, national ICT policy [1], institutional ICT policy for higher education which is developed by MoSHE [3] as well as globally recognized ICT practices.

The core values and principles underpinning the development of this document are solidarity, collaboration, and cooperation between the ICT Directorate and College of Informatics, Institute of Technology, and Department of Health Informatics.  Efforts are made to make this document to be comprehensive and transformative in accelerating effective ICT services and support.