ICT training team
The Training milestone is one of the prominent figures in the ICT Directorate office as there are a lot of training for users and staffs to be given to optimally utilize all the services given by the office. The milestone has been studying the training needs both for the ICT team members and the university community to smoothed usage of the ICT services since it’s commencement following the new ICT Structure studied and developed by Ministry of Education (MoE) in 2005.
Since then many training were organized and delivered by the milestone. But it doesn’t mean that the ICT Directorate office hadn’t had training to organize and to offer before the milestone was kicked off; a lot of training, including the regular CCNA networking training, both for ICT staffs and university staffs has been conducted through the years.
Work activities
 Identifying training and development needs within an organization through job analysis
 Conduct training plan producing training materials courses;
 Managing the delivery of training
 Conducting and facilitating ICT training
 Creating team knowledge delivery
 Identify technology Gaps and proposed a training
Done works
 Training for UoG student service on basic computer skill
 Training for UoG secretary on Basic computer maintenance and internet usage
 Cisco Training
 Training for Public and international affairs directorate staff members on IP phones, website content administration, Access and Use internet, using social media, fax server, using email, video conferencing and display management and computer and basic office machine maintenance.
Training courses to be given
 Cisco Academy training
 Microsoft Academy training
 Oracle Academy training
 Training on Basic computer skills
 Basic computer and office machine maintenance training
 Access and using Internet (wired and wireless) training
 Using Email training
 Fax service training
 Using Database
 IP phone training
 Smart interactive whiteboard system training
 E-learning software training
Alemayehu Tadesse Birhanu
Organization: University of Gondar
Position: Training Team Leader
Education: M.SC and B.Sc In Computer Science
Mobile: +251-918-73-6590
E-mail: Alemayehu.tadesse@uog.edu.et,