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University Of Gondar is one of the Universities in Ethiopia having more than 60 years of age. But the main core processes i.e. teaching and Learning, Community service and research processes were not supported by automated ICT systems. In addition to that, even though the university purchases so many ICT equipment with lots of investments, there were no one responsible visionary process or department to coordinate this task. Having this in mind the top management decided to establish the ICT Coordinating office which is led by one instructor from the Health bioinformatics department.
According to the human resource structure of ministry of education, the office hired two professionals and transferred another two professionals from other departments making the total staff of ICT to 5 (five). The duties were restricted in giving maintenance service of the health college Network infrastructure which is done by Ministry of education, and maintenance service of computers. As the University expands its services, investments were made on the purchase of ICT equipment and the office hired 7 (seven) help desk technicians in contractual level to follow up the healthiness of all the ICT equipment by trying to reach the maintenance services in all campuses of the University.
Start from the last four years the university invests more than hundred million Birr for different ICT related projects to achieve the vision “MOVEING UNIVERSITY OF GONDAR TO eUNIVERSITY”.  Based on the New University ICT structure we have recruited more than 46 new professional to make sustainable the existing and coming ICT Infrastructure.

ICT Projects

  • Network Infrastructure Implementation and Supply Of ATse Tewodros and Atse Fasil Campus Project:
The campuses Of Atse Tewodros and Atse Fasil are interconnected via Fiber and all the buildings which are in these campuses have got network cable installation. In addition Data Centers oF Tewodros and Maraki campuses are interconnected via Fiber.
  • Atse Tewodros Campus Active Device Installation and Supply Project:
We are running a project for The Supply , Installation and Commissioning of Active Network Devices, Network Management System & Data Center Facility Expansion System for Atse Tewodros Campus of University Of Gondar.
  • Atse Tewodros Campus Unified Communication Systems Project:
We are running a project for the Supply, Installation and Commissioning Of Unified Communications Systems For Atse Tewodros Campus).
  • Network Infrastructure Implementation and Supply Of Equipments For Maraki Campus:
We are running a project for The Supply, Installation andCommissioning of Network Infrastructure For Maraki Campus of University Of Gondar.
  • ICT Consultancy Service:
The university hired a consultant to do with the professionals of ICT team of the University. And the consultant has made the design, supervision and other related tasks.
  • ICT Business Process Study:
The ICT Business Process Study is completed and approved by the top management and Board of the University and is now we are on the verge to implement it accordingly.
  • Software Requirement Study:
The ICT Team with the consultancy service of our consultant is studying the overall ICT software requirement and BPR Automation systems to be implemented in the coming years.