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Purpose and Scope of the Document

This policy document describes the ICT policies that support the University’s goals and objectives within the teaching-learning, research, and administrative units. It aims to ensure that users have proper awareness of security, accountability, and legal obligations when using ICT services and resources. It also offers guidance as to the use of acceptable and unacceptable ICT services and resources.

This policy document applies to:

  • Students enrolled at the University,
  • Permanent staff employed by the University,
  • Temporary, casual or agency staff working for, or on behalf of the University,
  • Contractors, consultants, and suppliers working for or on behalf of the University,
  • Applicants applying for education or jobs in the University,
  • Visitors to the University, and
  • Anyone who is using the UoG ICT infrastructure locally or remotely.

The ICT policy document also applies to people who are using the University ICT resources and services that include but not limited to:

  • All ICT devices connected (locally or remotely) to the University network irrespective of ownership,
  • ICT systems owned by and/or administered by the ICT Directorate,
  • All external ICT-related entities that have an executed contractual agreement with the University, and

All ICT-related infrastructures initiation, construction, expansion, and maintenance across university premises.