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ICT Any existing or upcoming technology that is used for the generation, processing, and distribution of data and information using computer hardware and software, network, telecommunications, and digital electronics.
Users Refer to: Academic and administrative staff (permanent as well as contractual employees),Currently enrolled postgraduate and undergraduate students in regular, weekend, extension, and summer programs,Offices (academic, research, and administrative units),Visiting scholars and guests, andOther affiliated individuals or organizations authorized by the University.
ICT Directorate The Information and Communication Technology Directorate of the University of Gondar.
System Administrator A person who is responsible for the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of computer systems.
Software The collection of programs installed on servers or computers as well as on network devices such as switches and routers.
Software Acquisition the development and procurement of softwares that will be used for solving specific problems or improving the day-to-day activities such as administration, student management, teaching-learning, research, etc. of the University.
E-learning The ICT-enabled transfer of skills and knowledge and may comprise all forms of electronically supported teaching-learning.