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BIOS                          Basic Input/Output System

CCTV                         Closed-Circuit Television Camera

CISCO                       Commercial & Industrial Security Corporation

CMOS                        Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor

COTS                         Customized Off the Shelf

ID                               Identity Document

DNS                           Domain Name Service

DPIA                         Data Protection Impact Assessment 

IAC                             ICT Advisory Council

ICT                             Information Communication Technology

IP                                Internet Protocol

IPSC                          Internet Protocol Surveillance Camera

IT                                Information Technology

Lab                            Laboratory

M&E                          Monitoring and Evaluation

MoSHE                    Ministry of Science and Higher Education

PPPA                         Public Purchasing & Procurement Agency

SAS                            Statistical Analysis System

SIS                             Student Information System

SPSS                          Statistical Package for the Social Sciences

SSID                          Service Set Identifier

ToT                            Training of Trainers

UoG                           University of Gondar

VLE                           Virtual Learning Environment

V/P                            Vice President

VoIP                          Voice Over Internet Protocol

VPN                           Virtual Private Network

VLAN                        Virtual Local Area Network

W3C                          World Wide Web Consortium

WCAG                       Web Content Accessibility Guidelines