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6.4.  Access and Correction of Personal Data Policy

When collecting personal data from a data subject, the University or any data collector should inform the data subject of the following, in writing or orally, and in a manner and language that is understandable to the data subject: 

  • The specific purpose(s) for which the personal data or categories of personal data will be processed; 
  • Whether such data will be transferred to third parties or collected, the data subject is informed of this fact; 
  • The importance of the data subject providing accurate and complete information;
  • Any consequences for refusing or failing to provide the requested personal data;
  • The data subject’s right to request access to his/her personal data, or correction or deletion of it; 
  • The data subject’s right to object to the collection of personal data; 
  • How to lodge a complaint with the data controller;
  • The data subject may request the correction or deletion of personal data that are inaccurate, incomplete, unnecessary, or excessive; 
  • Where a data subject requests the correction or deletion of his/her personal data, the University is to request proof relating to the inaccuracy or incompleteness;
  • A data subject may object to the processing of his/her personal data where there are legitimate grounds related to his/her specific personal situation; 
  • Requests for information about access to, correction, or deletion of personal data or an objection, may be made by the data subject or his/her authorized legal representative. Requests are to be submitted orally or in writing to the ICT Directorate.

  6.5. Automatically Processed Information 

6.6. Use of Identifiers Policy 

6.7. Anonymity Policy 

6.8. Security and Quality of Personal Data Policy