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6.3.     Use and Disclosure of Personal Data Policy

  • Disclosures of personal (staff or student) data require a legal basis and compliance. Personal data processed by the University is used and disclosed for the following purposes:
    • In the management and security of the University’ premises generally and for the security of students, employees, and visitors,
    • To facilitate appropriate assistance in the event of an emergency, and
    • In the course of addressing inquiries and requests.
  • Users’ personal data may be disclosed to the University’s legal advisers or other professional advisers and consultants engaged by the University;
  • Personal data may be disclosed to third parties without consent in specific situations, usually for regulatory or legal reasons;
  • Disclosure of personal data to supposed family and friends or seemingly official bodies, in response to telephone calls, is only possible if they give their consent; 
  • Personal data may be used or disclosed by the University where permitted by law. This will usually be where it is necessary to lessen or prevent:
    • A serious threat to life, health, safety, or welfare; or
    • A serious threat to public health, public safety, or public welfare.
  • Any other disclosures that the University makes will be where permitted by law and the interest of staffs and students will always be considered; 
  • Confirmation of current/previous student status, on the SIS, for other parties can be justified as fair processing and whether the University can ensure that the recipients of such disclosures have a justifiable cause to receive that information.

 6.4. Access and Correction of Personal Data Policy  

6.5. Automatically Processed Information  

6.6. Use of Identifiers Policy  

6.7. Anonymity Policy

6.8. Security and Quality of Personal Data Policy