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4.2.       Security Surveillance Camera Policy

IP Surveillance Camera (IPSC) is a system that can be used to observe live video footage and store it into a recording system to view and preserve image data. Currently, IPSCs are used to build security camera systems for the security and safety of the premises at the University. For security and safety purposes, the University of Gondar has installed comprehensive IPSC cameras in selected locations. 


The purpose of the IPSC policy is to maintain the security, safety, and privacy of staffs and students at the University of Gondar. 


This policy applies to all the University’s community and visitors.

Policy Statements 

  • Signs must be placed so that staffs, students, and visitors are aware that they are under surveillance;
  • IPSCs shall not be installed in areas, such as restrooms, personal offices, and classrooms in which individuals would expect privacy;
  • The UoG security office is responsible to capture and maintain a record of all IPSCs of the University;
  • The UoG security office is authorized for evaluating IPSC recordings whenever thefts (offices and laboratories burglarized or vandalized) and security violations happen in the University;  
  • IPSC recordings shall not be passed to third parties unless authorized by the security office. Requests for access to or disclosure of images recorded on the IPSC systems shall only be granted for:
  • Legal Office of the University upon legal request,
  • Law enforcement agencies; where the images recorded would assist in a specific criminal inquiry,
  • Prosecution agencies, including the University’s Legal Office in the course of disciplinary proceedings,
  • The police can access recordings in the pursuit of an investigation into criminal acts against the premises of the University, and
  • Relevant legal representatives of data subjects.
  • IPSCs recordings in computer laboratories shall capture only the images but not the audios. Recordings in computer laboratories shall be analyzed whenever thefts happen and reported by the concerned departments;  
  • Access to certain specified recorded IPSC images shall not be inadvertently viewed by any unauthorized person;
  • IPSCs shall not be used for any other purpose, such as to monitor the works of staffs or their attendance; 
  •  The ICT Directorate shall install or maintain IPSC for the University.