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4.1.       Data Centers Room Security Policy

The University of Gondar establishes data centers to act as the central repositories for all the University’s databases and web hosting. Therefore, this policy ensures the security and reliability of systems residing in the Data Center. 

  • The ICT Directorate shall ensure that the Data Center is:
    • Located in secure locations away from human or vehicle traffic,
    • Fitted with both manual and electronic access control with CCTV monitoring,
    • Protected against physical intrusion and exposure to water, dust, and fire,
    • Appropriate ventilation shall be maintained
    • Installed with fire and smoke alarm systems,
    • Protected against power fluctuations, and
    • Supported by an alternate power supply.
  • All personnel (University staffs, students, and guests) who access the Data Center must have proper authorization;
  • Access to the servers shall be restricted only to designated personnel. Besides, if any other person wants to work on the servers from the development area, he/she shall be able to connect to the servers only through Remote Desktop Connection with a Restricted User Account;
  • Critical backup media shall be kept in a fire proof off-site location in a vault;
  • Servers shall be kept in the server racks under lock and key;
  • Visitors to the Data Center must adhere to the visitors’ guidelines;
  • ICT personnel shall examine laptops of visitors for the latest antivirus definition, latest patches and updates, and any sort of vulnerability that could be harmful to the network;
  • All personnel must wear a valid University badge at all times when entering to the Data Center;
  • All personnel must sign in when entering the Data Center to document the time and purpose of their visit. They also must sign out when leaving;
  • The access records of the visitors shall be maintained.


4.2. Security Surveillance Camera Policy