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3.4.       Domain Name Policy

A Domain Name is a unique name that identifies a website on the Internet (e.g., When a user attempts to navigate to a specific Domain Name, he/she is directed to the appropriate location via Domain Name Service (DNS) routing. DNS is an Internet-wide database used to provide name-related information for all the systems connected to the Internet [6]. 

In this document, Domain Name can be regarded as equivalent to a website and includes Sub-folders/Domain folders (e.g., Domain Names must be registered through an official Domain Name Registrar. A Sub-Domain is a name that prepends a parent domain name such as, to more specifically reference a particular website or system (e.g.,


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that domain names are registered, assigned, and used appropriately and  be in line with institutional goals.


This policy covers all academic and administrative units, university affiliates, and academic and administrative staffs seeking to register a domain name.

Policy Statement

  • The top-level domain shall be;
  • The Internet identity for the University of Gondar and its colleges, institutes, faculties, schools, departments, and units is based on the internet Domain Name;
  • All websites and web services that are provided by members of the University of Gondar community as part of their official functions, and as part of the mission of the institution, shall fall within the domain and sub-domain structure or have received an exception to do otherwise and be logged in the Domain Registry List maintained by the ICT Directorate;
  • DNS names represent the University and should reflect a university, department, service association, or school affiliation;
  • Names must be made in the best interest of the University and must not be offensive in any way;
  • Only domain name registrations that are noncommercial, not-for-profit, and not for personal benefits are considered;
  • Any sub-domain shall not contain uog ( or;
  • The sub-domain names of the College/Institutions/Faculty/Schools in the “” domain must be the names of the Colleges/ Institutes/ Faculty/ Schools that are officially recognized by the University of Gondar. The sub-domain name shall be determined by communication between the ICT Directorate and the Colleges/Institutes/Faculty/ Schools/ Directorates/ Offices;
  • Any changes to Domain Name registration must be requested to the ICT Directorate;
  • The registration of domains for personal use within the uog address space is strictly prohibited and subjected to disciplinary action;
  • All Domain Name requests shall be submitted to the ICT Directorate for approval.

ICT Directorate shall:

  • Maintain a register of Domain Name information in a secure location,
  • Facilitate compliance by working cooperatively with website and web service owners,
  • In the absence of cooperation from the website owner, the ICT Directorate will, in consultation with relevant authorities, take steps necessary to resolve identified non-compliance, and
  • Approve and issue domain names upon formal request.