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3.3.5    Failure to Comply

  • Failure to comply with this policy will be taken as an act of misconduct at the University. The allegations of misbehavior will be treated as per the established procedures. The following actions may be taken for inappropriate use of the University’s email systems & services:
    • Temporary or permanent cancellation of email access,
    • Disciplinary actions according to the applicable the University’s policies, and
    • Legal action as per the applicable laws and the signed contractual agreements.
  • The University accepts no legal responsibility for indirect and/or direct damages arising from the use of the University’s email services. The email user should be responsible for the contents they distribute. The University is not accountable for any third-party demand, claim, or harm arising out of the use of the University’s email exchange systems or services.

    3.3.1. Account Activation or Termination

    3.3.2. Acceptable Use

    3.3.3. Inappropriate Use

    3.3.4. Monitoring and Confidentiality

    3.3.5. Failure to Comply