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3.3.4  Monitoring and Confidentiality

  • Backup copies of email messages may exist, regardless of end-user deletion. The objective of archiving is to avoid the loss of business data;
  • If the University finds out or has a proper reason to suspect any activities that conflict with applicable laws of the University or this policy, then the email records may be saved and used to review the activity as evidence. All possible efforts will be taken to inform the staffs if their email archives are to be reviewed. Notification may not be possible if the staff member cannot be contacted due to unreachable absence;
  • The staffs must pay extra attention when sending confidential or sensitive data via email as all the email messages sent outside of the University will be the property of the receiver. As a rule of thumb, it is better not to communicate any information that one would not feel  comfortable for making it public.

    3.3.1. Account Activation or Termination

    3.3.2. Acceptable Use

    3.3.3. Inappropriate Use

    3.3.4. Monitoring and Confidentiality

    3.3.5. Failure to Comply