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3.3.3   Inappropriate Use

The University’s email should not be used for activities that could cause excessive load on the email system. Further, the email used at the University should comply with all applicable laws, the University’s policies, and agreements. The following actions shall be considered inappropriate use of the University’s email:

  • The use of the University’s email for criminal or unlawful purposes, including copyright infringement, offensiveness, slander, libel, defamation, plagiarism, fraud, harassment, forgery, intimidation, soliciting for illegal pyramid schemes, impersonation, and computer damaging activities (e.g. the spreading of computer viruses),
  • The use of the University’s  email in any way that violates its policies, rules, or administrative regulations,
  • Viewing or copying or altering, or deleting the email or files belonging to other individuals without proper permission,
  • Opening attachments of emails from strange or unknown sources.  Attachments are the major source of computer viruses and hence they should be treated with maximum attention,
  • The University’s  email accounts are unique and only to be used by registered users; therefore, sharing or exchanging email account passwords with someone else, or trying to obtain another individual’s email account password is considered inappropriate, and
  • The University forbids personal use of its email resources and services for uninvited bulk mailings, political campaigning, non-university commercial activities, and dissemination of chain letters.

    3.3.1. Account Activation or Termination

    3.3.2. Acceptable Use

    3.3.3. Inappropriate Use

    3.3.4. Monitoring and Confidentiality

    3.3.5. Failure to Comply