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3.3.1  Account Activation or Termination

  • Each user of the University’s email and information exchange system is obliged to read and agree the Electronic Mail Acceptable Use Policy before receiving an email account and password;
  • All staff and students of the University are eligible to have an email account. The accounts will be approved to the third-party non-employees on a case-by-case basis, and shall be specifically approved by the ICT Directorate;
  • The University owns all email accounts and owns data transmitted or stored using the University email accounts. The ICT Directorate shall ensure the security of the University email service from theft, froud and other email vandalizations which may be occured outside users’ acceptable use policy specified in Section 3.3.2.
  • All the University’ offices (e.g. President’s, Vice Presidents’, Directorates’, Deans’, Officers’, Coordinators’, Departments’, Unit Heads’, and others’ offices) shall have an institutional email for office official communications;
  • All the University’s office communications shall NOT be carried out through personal email accounts (be it institutional or non-institutional (e.g. gmail and yahoo)). Rather, it should be through the University offices’ accounts (institutional);
  • Upon replacement or termination of their post, the staff members, representing the offices,  shall handover the credentials;
  • The following outsiders (non-employees) may be eligible to access the University’s email account:
    • Guest lecturers and external examiners
    • Contractors/Consultants
  • Requests for non-employee account must be given in writing to the ICT Directorate;
  • The mail facility will be discontinued at most three months after the staff or students or the third parties stop their association with the University, unless any other preparations are made (e.g. adjunct staffs). Three months are given to allow ongoing communications and to take backup for important past email communications. However, prior notifications shall be given to the account owner to backup important files and emails before discontinuation;
  • The University is under no responsibility to forward or store the contents of an individual’s email account(s) three months after the term of his/her service has ceased.

    3.3.1. Account Activation or Termination

    3.3.2. Acceptable Use

    3.3.3. Inappropriate Use

    3.3.4. Monitoring and Confidentiality

    3.3.5. Failure to Comply