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3.3.       Electronic Mail (E-mail) Policy

An institutional email should be the main means of business communications or collaborations in the University. Institutional email communication of business information transactions is critically important for intuitional memory and visibility. The use of the University’s email system and services is a privilege and mandatory for all business communications; thus, it must be used judiciously.


The purpose of this policy is to lay down the appropriate and inappropriate use of the University’s email systems and services, to improve the successful delivery of University communication to all University communication and others, to reduce disruptions of activities, and to comply with applicable policies and regulations.


This policy applies to all electronic communication systems and services owned by the University, and all email account users at the University of Gondar.

3.3.1. Account Activation or Termination

3.3.2. Acceptable Use

3.3.3. Inappropriate Use

3.3.4. Monitoring and Confidentiality

3.3.5. Failure to Comply


3.4. Domain Name Policy