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3.    Access to ICT Infrastructure and Services Policy

The ICT Directorate needs to include the University’s ICT infrastructure plan which is to be aligned with the Strategic Plan of the University. The plan will take into consideration the ever-changing University’s computing needs, growth in usage of the technological advances that introduce smarter and innovative practices. At the core of this plan, is the alignment to the existing resource provision to ensure value for money as well as to achieve sustainability.


The purpose of this policy is to guide access to ICT infrastructure and services by staffs, students, and permitted guests of the University for academic, research, and community service purposes.


This policy applies to all University students and staffs who wish to access the University’s ICT infrastructure and services (e.g. server rooms, network equipment, and email services) for academic, research, and community service purposes.


3.1.Server Rooms and Network Equipment Policy 

3.2. ICT Services Policy

3.3. Electronic Mail (E-mail) Policy |

3.4. Domain Name Policy