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Implementation of the University’s ICT Policy solely depends on effective Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) mechanisms. This shall help assess the implementation of strategies and the achievement of policy objectives. The ICT Directorate and the IAC shall work in monitoring and evaluating policy activities. Monitoring is a steering process to allow an assessment of progress towards achieving the ICT Policy goals. Thus, a monitoring plan should be developed by the IAC. The Plan should show the type of data and information that are going to be obtained from records, feedback from staffs and observations, and it should give clear guidance about monitoring and evaluation intervals, methods and resources needed and the allocation of responsibilities. Additionally, a monitoring plan should include guidance on what steps to take when problems are discovered during monitoring.

On the other hand, an evaluation of the outcomes of this policy will provide information on the extent to which the policy is being implemented and the progress being made in achieving policy objectives. The evaluation shall include an examination of the University’s ICT Policy relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, and impact in terms of the University’s strategic goals and objectives. In general, the policy implementation, monitoring and evaluation include: 

  • Understanding how the ICT policy was implemented,  
    • Identifying differences between planned and actual implementation,
    • Identifying barriers to and facilitators of implementation,
    • Documenting and comparing different intensities or variations of the policy,
    • Collecting information to support interpretation of future evaluations of impact of the policy,
    • Improving the implementation process, and
    • Informing future policy development.


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