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2.1.        Network Infrastructure Policy 

The ICT Directorate:

  • Shall have sole responsibility for designing, specification, installation, operation, maintenance, and management services for all UoG’s Network;
  • Establishes and maintains a Data Center for all the University ICT-related services including databases and web hosting;
  • Determines standards for equipment suitable for connection to the University’s network;
  • Ensures the availability of power backup and stabilizer mechanisms to increase the availability of network services and protects ICT equipment; 
  • Manages the University’s agreements which permit interconnections to and from voice and data networks external to the University;
  • Ensures compliance with telecommunications and other relevant legislations regarding the University’s network;
  • Manages IP address spaces (public and private), telephone extension number allocations, wireless radio frequency spectrum and SSIDs, and the provision of remote access services (including VPN, dial-up modems, and remote access servers) which permit access to the University’s network from outside locations;
  • Manages risks from any device connected to the network and implements any necessary security measures to protect the network;
  • Shall monitor and manage the University’s data communications network for performance issues, abnormal loading, port and IP scanning, and other security threats;
  • Shall give standard labeling for the university’s network infrastructure equipment;   
  • Shall prepare network configuration standard and configure the network infrastructure equipment per the standard for uniformity and understandability;

Shall prepare documentation for any network infrastructure installation, configuration, design, testing, and maintenance.

2.2. Network Modifications Policy  

2.3. Network Disconnection Policy  

2.4. Internet Access and Use Policy 

2.5. Unacceptable Internet Use Policy 

2.6. Internet Bandwidth and Use Policy  

2.7. Remote Access Policy