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2 .          Network Policy 

The University’s unified network shall be called as University of Gondar’s Network. The Network is the University’s standard for providing wired and wireless network services.  The UoG network includes:

  • The intra-building and inter-building wired or wireless transport systems, including the “socket on the wall”,
  • The devices that route and manage the transport of data, video and voice signals, including perimeter and interior firewalls, routers, and switches,
  • Telephone handsets, voice mail servers, and wireless network access points, and
  • The interconnections to and from voice and data networks external to the University.


The purpose of this policy is to guide the plan, design, implementation, testing, maintenance, and usage of the University’s network infrastructure to ensure resiliency, scalability, high availability, flexibility, proper use, and safety.  


This policy applies to all University of Gondar community (staffs and students) and guests. The policy covers the following:

  • Network Infrastructure policy, 
  • Internet access and use policy, 
  • Internet bandwidth policy, 
  • Remote access policy, and 
  • Access to ICT infrastructure and services policy.


2.1. Network Infrastructure Policy  

2.2. Network Modifications Policy   

2.3. Network Disconnection Policy

2.4. Internet Access and Use Policy

2.5. Unacceptable Internet Use Policy 

2.6. Internet Bandwidth and Use Policy   

2.7. Remote Access Policy