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The provision of ICT services shall take the needs of special-user groups into consideration to enhance inclusive teaching-learning. The special-user groups may include but are not limited to visually, speech, auditory and motor-impaired users.


The purpose of this policy is to ensure the provision of appropriate ICT services for special- user groups within the teaching-learning, research, and administration units of the University towards enabling inclusive access to information and knowledge through ICT systems and resources. 


This policy refers to ICT facilities, equipment, and services within all the teaching-learning and research units of the University.

Policy Statements 

The following statements govern the implementation of this policy:

  • The University shall:  
    • Develop special ICT training programs for women and the disabled in order to address gender and social inequalities, as suggested by the National ICT Policy [1].
    • Provide appropriate technology aligned to the needs of special user groups,
    • Ensure the provision of staffs and end-user training,
    • Assure the provision of appropriate access for special-user groups for all University web-based systems, and
    • Ensure the provision of appropriate digital mechanisms within the library and computer laboratories for special-user groups.  
  • All the University’s Colleges, Institutes, Faculties, Schools, Departments, and Units shall ensure compliance with this Policy.