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17.  IP Telephony Policy 

IP telephony refers to any phone system that uses an internet connection to send and receive voice data. The University of Gondar installed IP telephony services to key university offices to communicate within and outside the University.  Proper management of these services is needed for the University community for effective and efficient communication.


This policy ensures the management of IP telephony services at the University.


This policy applies to all the University’s community who uses IP telephony services for various communications.

Policy Statement 

  • All IP Telephony communications shall be made in compliance with the national regulation set by the Ethiopian Communication Authority [12];
  • All information regarding UoG IP Telephony operations must be kept confidential and must never be divulged to sources outside the University; 
  • All users are accountable for the use of their phone in the manner it is to be used;
  • Access to IP Telephony for configuration will be given to only the following:
    • IP Telephony system administrators, and
    • Authorized vendors or third-party employees.
  • The IP Telephony resources must be accessed while an authorized ICT Directorate employee is located on the local network or from one of the remote sites or by one of the authorized bodies. Access from any other location is prohibited;
  • Access to network resources shall be on need basis. Information assets are protected by giving access to specific groups and denying access to all others.  Increasing access privileges for a given asset requires approval from the ICT Directorate;
  • All remote users must get the approval of ICT Directorate before they can use the resources to remotely access the corporate network. Users from the remote sites and telecommuters are treated the same as local users who use network resources.  Similar access restrictions are placed on these users for accessing the various network resources.

Acceptable IP Telephony Usage Policy

  • The University’s IP Telephony network is available for use by employees any time of the day or night for the sole purpose of addressing University business-related conversations;
  • Using telephony, voicemail, and all IP Telephony resources for any function that is non-business-related or for personal use is prohibited.