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16.  Video Conference Service Policy

The University believes that students need a touch of face-to-face lectures from the lecturers and professors.  At the same time, the University seeks to exploit the video conferencing capabilities of the web and other technologies so that lectures can be taken from lecturers at distant locations anywhere in the world. The University recognizes video conferencing as part of the e-learning infrastructure. The operation of video conferencing should meet the following policy guidelines.


The purpose of this policy is to ensure proper management of video conference services at the University of Gondar.


This policy applies to all the University’s staffs, students, and permitted guests who wish to use video conference services at the University for academic and research purposes.

 Policy Statements

  • The video conference services at the University shall be used for University functions;
  • The video conference services is available to faculty, staff, and students of the University of Gondar. However, the service shall not be used for personal business purposes;
  • The ICT Directorate provides the technical support for video conferencing equipment and ensures that they are functional;
  • Video conferencing services will be available only through booking the services using a Video Conferencing Request.