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15.      Computer Laboratory Policy

A computer laboratory (lab) is a space that provides computer and internet services to students, staffs, and permitted guests. The computer lab includes labs in departments, digital libraries, training centers, and academic resource centers.


This policy enables high-quality services and maximizes computer lab facilities’ productivity while protecting the rights of all members of the university community. The policy describes the duties and responsibilities of the users while using the lab facilities.


This policy applies to all computer labs in academic departments, digital libraries, training centers, and academic resource centers of the University. 

Policy Statements 

  • Users must present their ID while they enter a computer lab; 
  • Computer labs shall be used for academic and research purposes; 
  • Users can save their documents on their flash drives, and any information saved or installed on the system’s hard drive will be deleted once the computer is rebooted;
  • Students are not allowed to bring food and beverages inside the laboratory;
  • Chewing gum, eating, drinking, smoking, and littering are prohibited inside the computer laboratory;
  • It is not allowed for users to alter or delete configuration settings of any computer laboratory equipment. Tampering, deleting, or modifying CMOS/BIOS settings, drive partitioning, formatting, IP configuration, and system parameters or system files stored in the hard disk are strictly prohibited;
  • No user shall be allowed to plug or unplug any peripheral to and from any ICT equipment or devices without explicit permission from the responsible body;    
  • Accessing pornographic, gambling, hate or discrimination, and other unsafe sites are strictly prohibited;
  • Users are not allowed to install, update, or download any software that damages the computer;
  • Playing games (video, card, and other types of games) is not allowed in a computer laboratory. However, in case a staff or student is working/researching on a topic which is related to games, the staff or student must inform the computer laboratory attendant; 
  • Anyone who is causing disturbance, trouble, and exhibiting hostile or threatening behavior will be requested to leave the computer laboratory;
  • Users shall ensure that no trash is left in the seat;
  • Any breach of this computer lab policy may be considered under the University’s disciplinary policy measures.