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14.      Virtual Learning Environment Policy

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) supports the development of technology-enhanced learning across online and face-to-face teaching environments. VLE assists in enhancing the students’ experience, supporting innovative teaching strategies, and building a digital capacity.


The VLE policy is designed to ensure that every registered student has online access to a standardized Open Learning Management System, online teaching tools, and learning resources.


This policy applies to all University staffs, students, and permitted guests who are using the University’s VLE for teaching-learning and research purposes.

Policy Statements 

  • A standardized Open Learning Management System that embodies Learning Management System and online teaching tools shall be used across the University;  
  • All users of the institutional VLE shall comply with the Higher Education Intellectual Property Policy and the National Copyright Legislation;
  • Any content provided in an electronic format shall be uploaded into the VLE module in compliance with the University of Gondar’s Intellectual Property Policy;
  • As per the higher education responsibilities stipulated under the Data Protection Policy, student personal data shall not be stored in third-party hosted services unless approved by the concerned body of the University;
  • The Directorate of ICT shall be responsible to periodically maintaining the VLE. 

Departments shall:

  • Ensure standard course materials are prepared and uploaded to the VLE,
  • Assure the staffs and students are using the VLE, and
  • Ensure the learning content is uploaded to the the University’s  VLE.

Academic staffs shall: 

  • Teach using the University’s approved learning-management systems, and
  • Keep the approved learning-management account and email account information secure, and follow all the University’s privacy and confidentiality policies.


Students pursuing an online learning environment either within a campus or by distance learning will be required to consider the following:

  • Read the course syllabi thoroughly and understand course expectations,
  • Set a realistic schedule and ensure regular study time,
  • Set goals and deadlines to meet assignment due dates,
  • Organize study schedules, create an electronic or weekly calendar and set reminders,
  • Stay in touch with the faculty and understand their preferences on how and when they prefer to be contacted via phone, text, email, online office hours, messenger, or skype,
  • Plan and manage their time wisely to study for test/quizzes,
  • Connect with classmates to create an engaging productive environment,
  • Discuss their progress with faculty and keep track of deadlines and submissions.