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13.1.         ICT Resources Support Policy

The University aimed to produce competent professionals through teaching-learning and  solving community problems by conducting cross-disciplinary problem-solving research, community services, and technology transfer projects. To achieve these core objectives, the University supports its academicians, researchers, community service providers, technology transfer project implementers, and administrators leverage ICT to advance in teaching-learning and research. This policy enables the University’s community to effectively use ICT resources for teaching-learning, research, community services, technology transfer projects, and administration. 

Policy Statements 

  • The ICT Directorate shall provide online booking reservation services for smart classrooms, training rooms, video conferencing rooms, computer laboratories, and meeting halls;
  • The ICT Directorate shall provide appropriate datasets available at its data center upon accepting ethical clearances;
  • The ICT Directorate shall provide data storage services to users for software deployment. The deployed software shall be in line with the technical standards set by IAC  and administered by the requesting users;
  • The data generated by the deployed software shall be owned by the requesting users;
  • The ICT Directorate shall provide high performing computers, advanced simulations, and big data analysis for users when required and approved by the necessary University offices;
  • The ICT Directorate shall provide external IPs for users upon formal request;
  • Users shall not pass the given ICT resource to unauthorized third parties. Users that violate this policy may be denied access to the University’s ICT resources and may be subjected to other penalties and disciplinary actions;
  • The ICT Directorate shall be responsible for maintaining the security and integration of the research dataset stored in the University’s Data Center. Violations will normally be handled through the University’s disciplinary procedures;
  • Transmitting pieces of information that promote personal political beliefs, violating the University’s discrimination policies, or promoting unlawful activities, illegally reproducing pieces of  music, movies, or other copy-righted materials using the University’s ICT resources and services is prohibited;
  • Users shall use the headset at all times when listening to music.