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13.1.     Maintenance Support Policy

The usage of ICT devices within the University requires a good maintenance plan to ensure its safe and proper usage. This relies on the cooperation of all units to ensure proper asset and inventory management on which such maintenance can be achieved through a central coordination role.

  • Maintenance
    • ICT Directorate shall act as the central point of contact for all University ICT equipment and systems technical support and maintenance;
    • Departments of the University may maintain their computers upon approval from ICT Directorate;
    • ICT Directorate shall maintain registered personal ICT-related devices,
    • ICT Directorate shall undertake a periodic assessment and plan a preventive maintenance for all the University’s  ICT equipment to ensure compliance with the set maintenance guidelines;
    • Users shall not maintain University ICT devices by themselves or third parties without permission from the ICT Directorate. Users that violate this policy may be denied access to University ICT resources and may be subjected to other penalties and disciplinary actions.
  • Technical Support
    • Provides technical support in the use of ICT systems and services,
    • Offers technical assistance for the development of specifications for any ICT equipment, software, or service maintenance issues, 
    • Provides technical assistance in the identification of user department ICT equipment needs,
    • Ensures and verifies that supplied ICT equipment, software or services comply with the approved ICT specifications, standards, and guidelines, and
    • Provides support for bulk procurement of commonly used ICT equipment and software as per need.
  • Documentation
    • Maintains an updated inventory of all ICT hardwares and softwares by indicating the life cycle,
    • Ensures safe custody and authorized usage of all University ICT equipment,
    • Maintains good documentation describing the service and maintenance history for all ICT equipment, and
    • Keeps records of all ICT equipment including records of manufacturer equipment warranty.

ICT Directorate does not support:

  • Any application that has not been legally purchased for the machine on which it is installed, and
  • Applications that are not being used for University business (e.g. game applications).

All Staffs within the University shall:

  • Not lose, damage, or misuse University-owned ICT devices including computers, printers, copier and duplicating machines, and other ICT-related assets of the University, 
  • Not be allowed to attach or detach any peripheral of ICT equipment or devices without explicit permission from the ICT Directorate except ICT devices used for maintenance-related classes and workshops, and
  • Ensure all ICT equipment is placed within proper operating environments, and
  • Ensure all replacements or upgrades of any ICT equipment are undertaken with clearance from ICT Directorate.


13.2. ICT Resources Support Policy