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11.1.       Hardware and Software Purchasing

  • The ICT Directorate is the sole authority for approving the ICT software and hardware purchase requests on behalf of the University regardless of the source of funding considering user requirements. The centralization will enable the following:
    • Hardware and software standardization where appropriate,
    • Campus-wide inventory of non-capitalized hardwares and softwares to facilitate effective planning, maintenance, upgrades, and disposal,
    • Pricing advantages obtained through volume purchasing and working with preferred vendors,
    • License compliance for software purchases,
    • Ensuring that hardwares and softwares will be compatible with ICT infrastructure,
  • All ICT-related purchases will need to have full approval and authorization prior to requisitioning,
  • All ICT-related hardware and software purchases will be specified only by the ICT Directorate,
  • The ICT Directorate shall make a decision whether to approve, decline, or amend the requirements for the purchase of the equipment:
    • If equipment or software is declined or changed, the ICT Directorate will provide a brief explanation to the requesting manager for the decision,
    • The ICT Directorate will keep the customer-informed decisions and the outcomes if ordered, and
    • If the equipment is approved or changed, then the ICT Directorate shall send the approved requisition to Purchasing & Procurement Directorate to place an order.
  • The ICT Directorate must have a standard set-up procedure for new hardwares, softwares, and systems. This procedure ensures the equipment is configured correctly and that all ICT security measures are addressed. This includes the setup of passwords, antivirus softwares, security, marking the equipment, and adding to the University’s asset management database,
  • The ICT Directorate will not install softwares or hardwares unless a staff member of the Directorate has been involved in the specification of both,
  • Hardwares and softwares cannot be installed by a non-ICT Directorate staff on the University’s premises unless the ICT Directorate provided a written permission to the University staff or office (e.g. College of Informatic and Department of Health Informatics), and
  • The ICT Directorate will ensure that all of the University’s ICT policies and procedures are followed when setting up softwares and hardwares.


11.2. External ICT Services Purchasing 

11.3. Large Scale ICT Procurement 

11.4. Roles and Responsibilities 

11.4.1. Purchasing and Procurement Directorate 

11.4.2. User Requesting Departments 

11.4.3. ICT Directorate 

11.5. Disposal of ICT Equipment and Softwares