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11.      ICT Procurement Policy

Procurement of all ICT equipment and services shall be in conformity with the University’s overall procurement of goods and services standard as aligned to the Public Purchasing and Procurement Agency (PPPA). 


The purpose of this policy is to provide a framework for the procurement of all ICT hardwares, softwares, and any externally hosted systems or softwares for the University to ensure standardization of all ICT-related assets, quality assurance, and value for money as well as compatibility with the existing infrastructure and services.


This policy will apply to all the University’s Administration Offices, Colleges, Institutes, Faculties, Schools, and Departments.


11.1. Hardware and Software Purchasing

11.2. External ICT Services Purchasing 

11.3. Large Scale ICT Procurement

11.4. Roles and Responsibilities 

11.4.1. Purchasing and Procurement Directorate 

11.4.2. User Requesting Departments 

11.4.3. ICT Directorate 

11.5. Disposal of ICT Equipment and Softwares