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1.1.        ICT Governance Framework

The ICT Governance Framework serves as guiding principles for ICT policies. It ensures that governance is appropriate to the activities of the ICT Directorate. The principles of ICT governance include:

  • Ensuring greater transparency, openness, and inclusiveness of UoG processes and operations,
  • Complying with national and institutional laws and regulations,
  • Reflecting a risk management approach to addressing digital security and privacy issues, and include the adoption of effective and appropriate security measures thereby to increase confidence in UoG services,
  • Ensuring coherent use of digital technologies across policy areas and levels of administration at UoG,
  • Strengthening institutional capacities to manage and monitor projects’ implementation, and
  • Guiding digital technologies procurements based on the assessment of existing assets.

The purpose of the ICT Governance Framework is to establish and define the responsibilities of the decision-making and governing body for ICT-related activities at the University of Gondar. ICT Governance is the responsibility of the Vice President for Business and Development, ICT Directorate, and ICT Advisory Council (IAC) who have the collective responsibility of engaging in strategic dialogues for the prioritization, oversight, and risk monitoring of ICT investment, initiatives, and programs for the University of Gondar.


1.2. ICT Advisory Council