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Our Vision

The Human Nutrition Department aims to build innovative nutritionists through the promotion of critical thinking and discovery.

Our Work

We seek to alleviate the trained manpower shortage in the field of nutrition in Ethiopia. Through our teaching program we seek to produce nutritionists who can assess, plan, implement and intervene on nutritional problems and to equip them with the core body of knowledge of nutritional science and basic research methodology. We are committed to producing graduates who are able to make a substantial contribution the field of nutritional science as academicians, researchers and nutrition professionals. Our staff are also involved in proving a range of community service and research activities including contributing to the team training program and sitting in various committees.

We currently run a postgraduate program in Applied Human Nutrition. Our work is supported by 4 academic staff members including one Professor.

Our Background

The University of Gondar initially started a post-graduate program in human nutrition, graduating 9 students, in 2002. However this work was interrupted due a range of factors including shortage of manpower. After 8 years absence, the program was redesigned and re-launched in September 2012 offering a postgraduate program in Applied Human Nutrition.

Our Partners and Collaborators

Our Department is keen to establish partnerships and collaborations with a range of actors in the field. We are currently working with the following organisations:

  • World Bank FMOH Nutrition project:

Established in 2010, this relationship allows us to receive support training support for our M.Sc. Applied Human Nutrition program. We have also received 269 nutrition books from World Bank FMOH nutrition project.

  • USAID / ENGINE (Empowering New Generation to Improve Nutrition and Economic opportunities), Save the Children USA, Ethiopia

ENGINE is working with us on our M.Sc. in Applied Human Nutrition and providing support for 6-7 students to conduct their M.Sc. thesis work in the area of nutrition or linking agriculture and nutrition. This program is set to last between May 2012 and June 2016.

  • Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute (EHNRI)

The Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute’s Food Science and Nutrition Research Directorate is running a number of operational researches in line with the National Nutrition Program (NNP). Out of those operational researches, the Directorate has provided our Department with the opportunity to undertake operational research in Amhara region titled “Effectiveness of organizing newly-wed women and adolescent girls through community Based Nutrition (CBN) to improve access to, coverage and utilization of CBN services”.

The EHNRI is also working with us to create learning opportunities for our Applied Human Nutrition students through practical attachments and advisorship opportunities.

If you would like to know more about our work please contact:

Azeb Atenafu
Job Title:
Head of Human Nutrition Department