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The development of HDP starts from the study into the quality and effectiveness of teacher education in Ethiopia in 2000 which has justified the need for such a programme . Since its inception, the programme continually develops in line with government policies and strategies. Presently the Education Sector Development Program IV (ESDP IV) and the Second Growth and Transformation Plan have informed the direction. The significant expansion in tertiary education has resulted in the need for more trained teachers, to guarantee the quality and to achieve the sector goals.
Those who educate higher education students must themselves be of high quality, be highly competent and be educated for the specifics of their role to produce better teachers and to improve the learning of all students in Ethiopia. The programme provides graduates with support for their development as effective and reflective practitioners with enhanced professional status.
Cognizant with this fact, HDP is being delivered in UoG since 2003 E.C. based on the national standard. The programme consists of the following five modules being delivered for one year.
Module 1: The Reflective Teacher
Module 2: Managing Learning
Module 3: Managing Learning Project
Module 4: Action Research
Module 5: School/Organisation Placement
Aim of the Program
To improve the quality of education in Ethiopia through a licensing programme that will develop the skills and professionalism of teachers.
Objectives of the program
To enable teachers to:

  • Identify their own needs to develop a more reflective practice demonstrating high standards of professional ethics
  • Develop teaching as a skill, based on experience and sound theoretical knowledge
  • Role model good practice and contribute to institutional and community development
  • Provide high quality learning experiences for teachers and students
  • Be involved in action research, collaborative learning sand team work
  • Address gender issues and social inclusion
  • Support the implementation of the GTP
    Characteristics of the program
    Active, participatory learning is fundamental to the course; the characteristics include having the flexibility to be related to the education cycle, subject specialism and particular interests of the candidates whilst being based on practice. The candidates work as a group – generating ideas, focusing discussions, making mutual teaching observations, providing peer support and feedback, collating evidence of the impact the programme is having on their teaching.
    The programme is planned to be completed in 10 months. Candidates attend weekly sessions, have lesson observations and feedback, spend time in a local school or organization, plan and deliver a series of classroom lessons demonstrating their changing practice and complete an action research (classroom based) project showing their work for the Diploma has a significant impact on their own teaching practice. They also have professional meetings with the Higher Diploma Leader.
    Reflection on classroom practice and research should lead to continuing and sustainable improvement in their teaching. Candidates carry out their normal teaching commitments at the same time as completing the HDP since most of the work is based on their own teaching and other professional activities. Continuing assessment as well as peer and self-assessment contribute to completing the portfolio of evidence which is the start of a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) plan for teachers.
    Trend of HDP Graduates at the University of Gondar